Nerf officially announces N-Strike Elite Strongarm & Firestrike on Facebook

Nerf finally has recognized and announced two of their upcoming N-Strike Elite blasters, and took to Facebook to announce so.

Nation, today we are officially revealing two new N-Strike Elite blasters that will be hitting shelves in 2013 (please note: availability and launch timing will vary by country/state/city): the N-Strike Elite Strongarm blaster and the N-Strike Elite Firestrike blaster! The Strongarm blaster features a six dart revolving barrel and both rapid-fire and single shot capability, while the Firestrike blaster has a red light targeting beam built for precision. BOTH blasters will feature cool N-Strike Elite styling and long-distance performance. More details to come on additional Elite blasters headed to stores in 2013, so check back here next week!

And it looks like we’ll be getting more news next week as well!

pSykSG – N-Strike Elite Ruff Cut 2×4 Overview + Internals (Video)

PWND #21: Nerf Elite Rough Cut In-depth Review + Internals + Firing Mechanism Explained!

pSykSG of Singapore got his connects to hook up up with the N-Strike Elite Ruff Cut. He goes over the features, internals and firing mechanism.

N-Strike Elite Stryfe 18 Dart Stampede Mag Jam Problem (Video)

Video proof of the problem above.

A couple of users, including myself, have run into some issues with the old 18 dart Stampede mags, (Have yet to check with any other magazine). Unmodded, the only way constant firing you’ll get out of the blaster is to use the half clear 18 dart mags they sell at stores with Elite Darts. This is a big problem and can cause all sorts of reliability problems in games.

When you load a mag, the dart puts pressure on the orange lever above, and unblocks the plunger so it can hit the dart through the flywheels. A simple, but temporary fix, is to use duct tape to put pressure on the level all the time.



However, my friend has opened the blaster and found a very simple way to fix this issue. He reports that it’s working great with zero jams after doing this. So be sure to check it out and tell him I sent you!

German site reveals new Box Art, “publication” dates of some N-Strike Elite & Super Soakers Blasters

The apparent box art of the N-Strike Elite Rayven

Thanks to the new Nerf blog Tactical Nerf, we have some more photos of upcoming Nerf & Super Soaker products.

While searching the web, I came across a German website that contains several Elite blasters not yet announced, their *European* prices, and their release dates.

After our friends at Urban Taggers posted that Hasbro Australia had released the release dates for the below blasters, I am fairly certain of these dates. The German word, “Veröffentlichung”, meaning “publication” in English, apparently shows the release date of the following blasters. Keep in mind that these dates are still highly speculative at this point.

Stockade: January 31, 2013
Rampage (With Shield!): January 31, 2013
Firestrike: January 31, 2013
Strongarm: January 31, 2013
Stryfe: February 28, 2013
Elite Jolt: February 28, 2013
Elite Rayven: February 28, 2013

Super Soaker Stuff!

Super Soaker Drum
Hydro Pack
Flash Blast
Arctic Shock
Switch Shot

February 28, 2013

Check out the list of the Nerf items here.

The back box art for the N-Strike Elite Jolt?

The Super Soaker Domination Drum

The Super Soaker Flash Blast

N-Strike Elite Stryfe Range Test/Technical Observations Videos

First range test is up on Youtube! Unfortunately when I went out of the house today I forget to bring the normal AA batteries, but I brought the trustfires! I swear the motors are the same as the Hail-Fires, they sound pretty much the same. So they’ll get around the same ranges. Blaster is running at 12.6v.

In the above video is some technical stuff I noticed in it’s stock form. I talk about things such as 12.6v looking like the max voltage it can take, the jam door, and mag area that seems to do away with the Rayven magazine problems.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Unboxing x Duel Wield Firing Test (Video)

I get my hands on 2 of the new N-Strike Elite Stryfes and unbox one for the masses to see, while my friend below busts them out for a duel wielding firing test. He also makes some nice observations on the blaster.

More Stryfe stuff to come on his blog and mine very soon!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe hits Southern California, Unboxing & Accessory photos within

As soon as I say the news that the N-Strike Elite Stryfe hit the states, I called a friend to scout out a Toys R Us in So-Cal. And he did indeed find them! As you can see above the blaster will be taking 4 double (AA) batteries. My friend is also claiming that it has the same ranges as the Hail-Fire.

Check out his blog, and more photos, here!

In the meantime, the guy on Reddit took some photos of it accessorized for us.




Keep reading the post for 3 more accessory shots of this blaster.
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