Unboxing the Elite Pinpoint Sight, Plus How YOU Can Get Your Own

Video version of the unboxing

I recently imported 6 Elite Pinpoint sights from New Zealand, so here’s my un boxing video and some photos of the item. The item seems to be a copy of the older, yellow sight. You can read my review post on it here.
Keep reading this post to see how you can get your own! I will say that you need a paypal account though.

4 of them were for my friend’s who bought into it, and the last two are mine.

The Sight in it’s plastic casing

Sight turned on, view from the front

The view looking down the sight



All 6 of them, along with the older Yellow Sight

All 6 sights turned on and lit up

To get your own, go to The Nerf Canterbury Facebook page, give it a like with your Facebook page, and post on the wall asking for Raiden and say that you want to buy a Pinpoint Sight. I’m in America, and it costs about $20 USD per sight and about $10 USD for shipping after the conversion rates.

October 18, 2013 EDIT: Nerf Canterbury has informed people that their sold out, requests asked of them for the Elite Pinpoint sight will get the same message.

20 thoughts on “Unboxing the Elite Pinpoint Sight, Plus How YOU Can Get Your Own”

  1. Hi basic nerf I was wondering if I may please get a epps ur nice friends nerf canter bury was nice to let me get one but the problem is that I have to oder one from new Zealand and it cost more and since u live in America and so do I was hopping if I may get I will pay all the money even extra just to get one I also like watching ur nerf wars alot and I also want to do good ones with my friends so please and thank u: )


    1. Well I know the value of money is always changing, so I would suggest that you use google search to find out the transfer rates of American to Canadian currency when you can.


  2. hey I was wondering if you have these on ebay for sale but facebook would work probley if my mom lets me have 30 bucks


  3. I don’t have a Facebook, is there any other to get one. I’ve been looking for weeks and unless I’m gonna dish out $40 on ebay for the old one, this is the only real lead I have.


    1. Sorry Eric, the Nerf Canterbury Facebook page has been sold out of them for awhile anyways. I’ve heard that in Singapore Toys R Us is going a promotion where if you buy a certain amount of Nerf items, you get a Pin Point sight as well.


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