New Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster Revealed, Product Description, USA Pricing, Targeted USA Release Frame Found Here


I know this bit information is a bit of old news already, but I’m posting it for those who haven’t seen it and for archive purposes. You can find the USA suggested retail price, USA estimated release date/time frame, and the product description below.


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Fall 14)

When zombies are on the loose, double dart firing power is a necessity. Load two ZOMBIE STRIKE darts into the DOUBLESTRIKE blaster, pull back on the hammer mechanism, and fire to unleash both darts in a row! Blaster includes two ZOMBIE STRIKE darts. Available at most retailers nationwide and

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I’m Back To Uploading Nerf War Game Videos, But I Need Your Input

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – RushRushRush (Game 1) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)

Well I’m back uploading Nerf War videos on my Youtube channel now, and I’m trying new things in order for my viewers to follow along more easily. I’ve included Hit Markers/Indicators, which pop up on screen and let you know when I hit a player. They look a little something like the image below.


Also as you can see in the top left corner, I’ve included my own Hit Point counter to let you know how many hits I’ve taken, and how many I have left until I’m out. In games like Team Deathmatch, or games where it takes you multiple hits to get out, keeping track of your hits is an important thing. In the video below, the only change I’ve made is that the hit point/life counter only appears when I take a hit.

Do you like it with the Counter always being in the video, like in the top one? Or only have it appear once I take a hit, such as in the bottom video? If you could take the time to comment on this post, or any of those two videos, it would be very much appreciated.

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – Covering Our Corner (Game 2) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)

Also, I have more game play videos from that play session, including 2 Elite Alpha Trooper games, and a little bit of Mega Centurion game play as well.

A Tricked Out Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Thanks to a Few Friendly Nerf Sites (Video)

This is a sort of shoutout video thanking the people and their sites who made my latest Nerf War primary and product reviews possible.

White Stripped Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 thanks to Mike at Tactical Tag. I won his giveaway for his White Strip Painted Elite Rapidstrike CS-18.

The Sights are thanks to SlyDev. It’s their front and back sight, and I hope to have a review of those items in the future.

The Vertical Grip was thanks to Dorm Labs. It’s retractable, so you can use it as a grip, or put it back up when it’s not in use.

I also end the video by seeing if can shut the blaster down running it at 16.8v (4 Trustfires) and going through 3 18 dart mags.


Basic Nerf’s 2014 Nerf War Loadout (MOLLE Version)

It’s been awhile since I did a loadout videos for everyone, so here’s my updated Nerf War loadout for the start of 2014! It’s gone through about 4 or 5 small revisions with this Chest Rig, and what you see is my latest version of it so far. If you want to buy these items, or want to learn a little bit more about them, check the links below.

Video Review/Write Up Review on the Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig

Purchase link for the Chest Rig:

Tactical Crusader Sling:

Condor Dual & Triple AK Mag Pouches:

Condor Horizontal Utility Pouch:

Condor Gen II Battle Belt:

Condor Roll-Up Utility Pouch:

Condor Belt Mounted Magazine Recovery Pouch:

White Stripped Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 thanks to Tactical Tag!

Australia Gets Prices & Release Months for Fall 2014 Nerf Blasters

321253 Nerf Demolisher 1[2]

The Elite Demolisher 2-1, Zombie Strike Slingfire, Mega Thunderbow, and Rebelle Agent Bow all get official prices and targeted release month for Australia. I know a good amount of my readers and Nerf fans in general are there, so I figured I would share the information with you. Info thanks to Prop Weapon Scoop.

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TMO_0001N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam blaster - UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 1.28_inline

Engadget Reveals New Prototype of Nerf N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 Blaster, Comes With Built in Camera & $75 Price Tag

/All photos in this thanks to Engadget

Today, Engadget premiered photos and video of the upcoming N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 blaster, a prototype blaster with a built in camera allowing you to record video and take photos. This is the first Nerf blaster with a built in camera, although you should take that with a massive grain of salt because the camera quality is 0.3 Megapixels (photos) and 20 Frames per second (video). Theres a video sample on the Engadget site and the video quality is not good to say the least. It will come with a 4 GB SD card out of the box which will allow you to save your photos and videos on it.


The screen size is also on the small side, according to the site it’s 1.77 inches big. Blaster runs on 4 AA batteries, and the camera runs on 4 AA batteries for a total of 8 AA batteries. The battery life should give it a total of 3 recording hours.



Operation wise, it performs pretty much like a Stryfe. Hold down the acceleration trigger, and then pull the firing trigger to fire the blaster. It is a semi automatic, so it will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. The photo above shows the normal 12 dart clip going around, but Nerf plans on making an exclusive Clear 12 Dart clip (like you see in the top most image of this post) to go along with the blaster. Nerf also plans on adding blue trim to the blaster.

Engadget also says that their getting up to 90 feet with the blaster, but I’m willing to bet it’s actually closer to the Demolisher 2-1 Blaster 100 feet press description revealed to us recently. This blaster should also retail in the Fall in the USA for about $75.

My initial thoughts are that I’m not too impressed with the blaster, and that some of the negatives are a bit too much. But I’ll sleep io it and try to get up a more thorough initial thoughts post or video in the near future.


You can vieiw the full Engadget article overview here.


Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig (RRV) Write Up Review & Video

Hey Basic Nerf readers, today is a little bit of a different review then usual. I’ll be doing a gear review on an Airsoft item that I’ve been using in my loadout for the past 7 months. Its called the Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig. In this review I’ll go over what the rig comes with, goes over a bit of my experiences with it in the 7 months that I’ve used it to far, and debate on whether or not the rig is worth $60. The Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig retails for around $60 USD, and comes with an Admin Pouch, a triple rifle magazine pouch, two general purpose pouches, and a hydration carrier.

Feel free to watch the video version of my review if your more a visual person, and less of a reader.

Airsoft or real steel people, if your here from the internet, feel free to read the review. You might learn a thing or two about the rig.
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