Mania – Beyond Entertainment Debuts the New Nerf Mega Thunderbow, with Possible New Mega Ammo System


In a similar reveal fashion with the Zombie Strike Slingfire, yesterday Nerf gave exclusive photos and the product description to You can check out the product description, pricing, and availability below as well as another shot of the blaster.

The product description has some interesting information if we read carefully. Product description has been fixed. This blaster will fire Mega Darts, not Mega Arrows.
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Dorm Labs Facebook Contest for Free Custom Made Nerf Tactical Foregrip


Dorm Labs is a sort of a new company, with not tooo much featured or news on the major Nerf blogs about them. They appeared online in June 2013, starting with GoPro attachments. Since then, they’ve added to their catalog with sights, optics, slings, pouches, foregrips, shirts, and even a tactical vest!

One of the best parts about their site so far, is the VERY reasonable prices for their items. I’ve also seen a few points online complimenting their product quality, and haven’t seen anything negative posted about them online so far. A friend of mine has their blaster holster and GoPro Rail Mount, and I can say that those products at the very least are well constructed.

For more details on how to enter their contest for a FREE Tactical Foregrip, make sure you have a Facebook account. Then, check below for the rest of the instructions.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Unboxing & Range Test Videos

I’ve got two new videos up today! Their an unboxing and range test video of the Zombie Strike Sidestrike. You can view the unboxing video above, which also contains a small firing test and my initial thoughts on the blaster. Below you can find a range test video of the blaster.

I can talk a lot more about the Holster that comes with the blaster, so I decided to make that another separate video. I’ll upload that one later.


Nerf Zombie Strike Ricochet Unboxing & Range Test Videos

Hey readers, I’ve uploaded two new videos today! The first is an unboxing on the Zombie Strike Ricochet blaster. I also give a few firing tests and my initial impressions on the blaster. You can view that video above.

The second video that I’ve uploaded is a Range Test of the blaster. You can view it below.

My Elite Suction Dart (30 Pack) Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

I finally got my hands on a 30 pack of these new Elite Suction darts. I must say, out of the box, the foam is more noticeably denser then other normal Elite Darts I’ve held in the past. This should mean increased durability for these darts. I’ve also heard online that these darts get a better grouping on shots at the cost of slightly reduced range, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some battle footage and get out there and do some accuracy/grouping tests for you all to help prove or disprove that.

Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire blaster

New Zombiestrike Slingfire Photo, Product Description, Retail Price Found Here

Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire blaster

The higher ups are Hasbro/Nerf decided to give this exclusive press information this morning to US Nerf blogs/sites, such as Click Click Bamf, Foam From Above,Adult Fans of Nerf,and Shining Foam.

Product description can be found below.

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 14)
Zombie hordes are no match for the ZOMBIE STRIKE SLINGFIRE blaster! The blaster’s lever-action allows for quicker reloads on the run and DIY-style designs lend an authentic feel to any NERF zombie attack. Blaster comes complete with one six dart clip and six ZOMBIE STRIKE darts which can be fired up to 75 feet. Features the NERF Tactical Rail System customizable with NERF N-STRIKE scopes and accessories, each sold separately. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

We can expect more information and photos of it at the UK Toy Fair which starts January 21st! I’ve also asked my PR contacts whether or not this is coming to other countries besides the USA. I’ll also have a separate post with my thoughts and feelings on this blaster up a bit later.

nerf mods logo

A Goodbye to Nerf Mods & Reviews (2009 – 2014)

nerf mods logo

On Friday, January 10, 2014, Nerf Mods & Reviews finally decided to stop posting. It’s been an amazing 5 year run, first started off by jerm781. After he decided to stop posting, it was then carried on to the below list of contributors at one point or another.


The site has close to 900 posts (889 to be exact). At the time of this post the site also has 6,860,567 views. That’s an amazing amount for our hobby I would say. I’ve used this site a good amount of times in trying to figure out how to modify blasters, look at internal photos, find deals on Nerf items, and even get Nerf news of my own.

Mike of Tactical Tag, one of the NM&R contributors, decided to give some of his thoughts into explaining the end of posting to the site. Below is a paragraph from his explanation post.

It’s not really any one person’s fault. Nerf Mods & Reviews needed someone full-time to continue things, and everyone we managed to find was already doing something on their own. It still has an obvious impact on the community, what with 5 years of valuable posts on reviews, modifications, and the news that it brought to light. However, it’s really just a time capsule now of a great era for Nerf blogs. Nerf Mods & Reviews was one of my “Big 3″ that I used to reference so frequently… and one by one they are becoming more a part of the past than the future. Urban Taggers did it right. SG Nerf hasn’t admitted they’re out yet.

Nerf Mods & Reviews will remain open as a sort of “time capsule” to allow Nerfers both past and present to continue to use the resources such as internals and mod guides.

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