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Nerf Rebelle Spylight Already Released? Plus Spylight & Messenger Box Art & Promo Photos on Amazon Canada

A product image of the Nerf Rebelle Spylight, photo thanks to Amazon.

Today’s bit of news is brought to you by Foam From Above and Amazon. Thanks to Vas and some Instagram searching, it appears that the Rebelle Spylight has been already possibly released. Remember that this blaster, as well as other Nerf blasters, are supposed to be released in Fall 2014.


The user “marqueetom” apparently managed to get his hands on the blaster. He hasn’t answered how or where he’s gotten it though. Looking through his photos it appears he’s in Southern California, so if that’s the case I should take a look around and see if I can find one myself.

The other bit of small news is that thanks to Amazon Canada, we have some box art photos, as well as more promo photos and product descriptions of the Rebelle Spylight and Rebelle Messenger Blasters. You can not buy them yet, but those have prices for the Canadian Dollar for you Canadian Nerfers. You can check those out below if your interested.
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Vortex Revonix360 Candid Photo spotted on Instagram

Screenshot by Foam From Above

An Instagram user by the username daltontheamazing has somehow gotten his hands on the upcoming Vortex series Revonix360 ahead of time. Foam From Above gave some of his input on it, saying “Anyway, of note is the discs are white (and what looks like a red one?) As opposed to the red/white ones I saw at Toy Fair and the green ones in some of those store photos.”

I personally think it’s just the usual White disks that they have for sale. He answered my question that I left recently.


I’m think this candid photo is of similar fashion to the kid that had the first “Pyragon Review” last May as well. I’ll keep you guys updated if we get anymore news on this.