Nerf Announces no Dart Tag League for 2012

Looks like this banner will hang without any additions this year.

Nerf took to their Facebook this afternoon and announced the lack of the 2012 Dart Tag League.

Hey Nation, just wanted to announce that there are no plans for an official Nerf Dart Tag World Championship in 2012. We know, we know, you must be bummed, but the beauty of Nerf Dart Tag is that it is an anytime, anywhere sport. Why not organize local games with friends and family? Start up unofficial leagues and matches and keep your Dart Tag skills sharp! Send us photos and videos and stats from your local teams and we’ll gladly brag for you here on this page. Nerf Nation rocks!

With a new line scheduled to come out this year and Vortex stuff still being accumulated into the Nerf community, perhaps it was best to put this aside for this year and let their other products flourish.

37 thoughts on “Nerf Announces no Dart Tag League for 2012”

    1. I’m not too sure. Personally, I think their trying to put their effort and resources into promoting their new N-Strike Elite line. I’m sure their making improvements to Dart Tag though and when it does come back, it’ll be better then ever.


    1. To be honest, I don’t think so. Nerf still hasn’t announced anything new. However I do remember reading from my Australian Nerf affiliate’s that there were promo events for Dart Tag a month or two ago. Perhaps they’ll have some games there.

      As far as a league, I’ve heard nothing.


  1. can u please ask ur boss or sumthing to do the next one in australia bacause i am pretty good i get a headshot behind my back no fluke


  2. im starting a nerf crew in my neighborhood were gunna chose teams and there is this hill that were gunna train on:) SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AND BE READY!


  3. You guys know if they are going to host a 2013 championship next year??
    So bummed out man…
    If so I better keep practicing my doging skills and agility… :D


    1. Well I’ve seen video of Nerf holding competitions in Italy, Singapore, and a couple of other countries.

      However, their prizes usually just much smaller and the competition is usually just on a local scale, vs. country wide.


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