Indoor Nerf War Session Recap Post (Photos & Videos) (Feb 17, 2013)

A group shot of the players, minus me, after the games.

So I know this posted is going up a bit late, but better later then never as some say. On this Sunday, I invited some friends over to play indoors at my church for some Nerf action. Plenty of close quarters fast paced action. I used the Elite Rayven and Stryfe through the day.

My first ever timelapse, Setting Up for a Day of Nerf

Here’s the gameplay videos that I got of the day and my input/mini commentary on each game.

TDM – 5 Outs & 3 Headshots (Elite Rayven 8.4v) (Game 1)

Our team gets great position early, and I manage to get 5 different people out, 3 of them on headshots. Our team didn’t get anyone out toooo early, and stayed pretty focused in staying alive and holding position.

TDM – Losing Position (Rayven 12.6v) (Game 1 Alternate Angle)

I strapped on my spare GoPro to an certain buddy of mine. She’s play in a couple of day long HvZ games, but never in a Nerf War. It’s interesting to see how composed she was, but she seemed to get a big case of tunnel vision and I manage to take advantage of an error of her’s to end the game.

Nerf War TDM – Staring Down the Enemy (Stryfe 8.4v) (Game 2)

I switch to the Stryfe for the next couple of games. We rush and grab a pivotal position, and then spit out a bunch of foam at the other team when they get out in the open. Indoor games can go downhill fast.

That awkward moment when….

View the rest of the post to see 7 more videos from the day!

Nerf War TDM – A Slow Descent (Stryfe 8.4v) (Game 3)

Unfortunately in this one, I get out a bit early too make much of an impact in this game. So I go around recording the rest of the game. I tried allowing both Facemasks and shields that block hits during this game, but as a result the players were too powerful and overwhelmed my team. They eventually got pushed into a corner and taken out.

Nerf War TDM – Turtling Towards Victory (Rayven 12.6v) (Game 3 Alternate Angle)

As you can see in the thumbnail, the shields started coming out in full effect for this team. My lady friend gets taken out about half way through the video, and then records one side of the her team’s victory while I get the other side. (Which is a loss for our team!)

Yo dawg, I heard you like GoPros. So I used a GoPro to record you two recording with your GoPros.

Nerf War TDM – Close Enough For Comfort (Elite Rayven 8.4v) (Game 4)

Game 4 had me switching back to the Elite Rayven. At this point, almost everyone realizes that capturing this hallway is essential for safe travel through the church. Our team starts off closer to it then the other team, and after some time, I manage to rush and take the room for my team. Victory soon follows afterwards.

Nerf War TDM – Held Back (Rayven 12.6v) (Game 4 Alternative Angle)

Headshots seem to rule the day here, as at least two players on this team go down to them.

Girl power!

Nerf War Juggernauts – Camping = Losing (Stryfe 8.4v) (Game 5)

We tried to play something a bit different, our own indoor Juggernauts mode.
I don’t exactly remember the rules, but they went something like this.
Juggernauts have 6 hits on them, and I believe 3 normal players on their team. The juggernauts have shields and face masks, and are equipped with melee. Melee hits from them are one hit kills. “Big ammo” (aka rockers or arrows) that are launched makes the juggernauts drop their shields and take a hit. You can also take out a Juggernaut with 2 head shots.

Way too many rules! :P

Taking the corners extra carefully was a nice change of pace from the fast paced games we were playing right before this. I don’t think the other team had a good strategy though.

Nerf War Juggernauts – Put The Gun Down Sir (Stryfe 8.4v) (Game 6)

They had a bit of a better strategy here, with their player’s being a bit more pro-active and attacking us more. We had some fun moments in here.

Nerf War CTF – Knockin’ At The Doors (Elite Rayven 8.4v) (Game 7)

Last game/video of that day’s play sessions. The rules we used were 1 box (aka the flag) in each team’s base. To win, bring the opponents flag back to your base. It takes two hits and/or a headshot to make a player respawn. To respawn, go back to your base, count to 20 out loud, and your back in the game.

20 minute time limit as well. If no one scored within 20 minutes, then the game is a draw.

This game was real close, and on the challenging side. I won’t spoil who wins here.

The shield rule (I allowed anything made officially made by Nerf) was getting used to full effect by the end of the day!

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